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Curriculum Vitae


Dr Ioan Capatana – surgeon

I have graduated the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca, Faculty of General Medicine in 1977.
Specialization in general surgery at the Surgery Clinic of “Dr. I. Cantacuzino’ Hospital from Bucharest under the direct lead of Prof. Dr. Ion Juvara (1986).
Since 1993 – general surgery surgeon


During the time that I was running the general surgery department I have approached a wide range of the general surgery pathology. I have improved my experience by operating together with Prof. Dr. Dan Radulescu, a personality in the medical world.

In 1991 I have started the collaboration with Prof. Horatiu Angelescu and together we have operated a number of 60 patients affected by varicous veins condition using the non stripping method. After that I have operated over 800 patients from all over Romania and the results were exceptional.

Now I work as a surgeon at the Medlife Hyperclinic opened in Brasov in September 2011. Here we could approach with great success any side of the general surgery including the surgical treatment of varicous veins..

I also work in my own private practice opened at the ground floor of “Dr. Caius Tiberiu Sparchez “ Hospital from Zarnesti where I offer free consultation based on appointments to all patients who come to my practice. Through my partnership with MedLife my patients will have the opportunity to obtain the most complex tests on chargeable grounds or subsidized by NHS.

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